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About Free Calls & Text by Mo+
In-App Purchases

What is Free Calls & Text by Mo+?

Free Calls & Text by Mo+ is a mobile app which uses Voice Over IP (VoIP) and internet messaging to make a centralized communications app similar to many others on the market. 

Users can call or text mobile phones, chat with other Mo+ app users, or user the app as a Push To Talk (PTT) system.

The main difference between this app and others in its class is the customizable user interface. Otherwise, the feature set and monetization strategies should be familiar to users of similar "free calling and messaging" apps.

Free Calls & Text by Mo+ features include:

  • Calling phone numbers via VoIP
  • Free communications with other users
  • PTT, walkie talkie-style communications
  • Chat and multimedia messaging

Nearly all of these features require in-app purchasing to function. Users can buy credits directly, with a credit card, or earn them for watching ads, installing apps, or leaving positive reviews of the software.

Is Free Calls & Text by Mo+ safe for my kids?

Mo+ is not appropriate for kids. The biggest complaints about the app is its misleading marketing - “free” is not an accurate description. Essentially any use of this app requires a purchase, advertisements, or installing additional third-party apps onto your device.

The ads served within this app can be graphic or explicitly adult in nature, and the apps installed to complete offers in exchange for in-app currency can pose a security risk.

Users who complete these offers, or engage with advertisements, sometimes report not receiving the promised credits at all. Even users who pay directly for Free Calls & Text by Mo+ credits sometimes report not receiving the purchased credits at all, or being issued fewer credits than they purchased.

If your teenager insists on installing this app after reading online reviews complaining about its functionality and poor service, consider first disabling in-app purchasing and scrubbing personal financial information from their device.

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