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What is Fam Messenger?

FAM Messenger app is a secure instant messaging app for the privacy conscious user. Users can send messages and exchange images privately. Users create a username to communicate with and can search for other users by username. 

FAM Messenger can be put on incognito mode, which has end-to-end encryption as well as private notifications. The Burst Timer feature allows users to set a timer, after which messages will self-delete. Users can send GIFs or images up to 1.5 MB in size or files of any extension and size up to 1.5 GB.

Is Fam Messenger safe for my kids?

FAM Messenger is not safe for kids, but may be safe for mature teens. Any attempt by a teen to install untraceable, private communications software on their devices may be a cause for concern. 

There is no way for parents to see what was sent or received. If cyberbulling occurs on FAM Messenger, there won't be any proof. 

There may be legitimate reasons for your teenager to use FAM Messenger. Online privacy is important for many reasons and some teens may be able to responsibly handle this level of privacy. 

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