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About FollowMeter for Instagram
In-App Purchases

What is FollowMeter for Instagram?

FollowMeter for Instagram is a very basic social media analytics application which allows users to access popularity insights, monitor follower growth and engagement, and discover other Instagram users.

Several of these analytics options are available as in-app purchases only, of which there are many; one paid option is to be featured in the “Discover” section, which can potentially generate more followers for the user.

After logging in with their Instagram account – which does not always work, according to online reviews – the FollowMeter gives users access to an array of basic social media analytics:

  • Followers gained
  • Followers lost
  • Accounts which do not follow the user back
  • Most- and least-liked social media content
  • Total likes and comments
  • Total comments
  • Average likes and comments
  • Multiple account support is also available

Is FollowMeter for Instagram safe for my kids?

Parents should be aware that FollowMeter features ads and an array of enticing in-app purchases; in order for users to really dig into analytics, they must purchase an option. 

While this app isn’t a “pay for likes” app, it does perpetuate the fixation with social media popularity, so it’s definitely something for parents to be aware of.

Users can pay to be featured in this app's daily “Discover” section, increasing their exposure to other FollowMeter for Instagram users and potentially increasing their follower count.

While this app is technically safe for kids, it can encourage an unhealthy fixation of seeking validation through social media in order to drive in-app purchases and engagement. Consider setting strict controls over the use of in-app purchasing before installing this app, or disabling them entirely. 

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