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About Followers Analytics for Instagram - InstaReport
In-App Purchases

What is Followers Analytics for Instagram - InstaReport?

The Followers Analytics for Instagram app allows users to track follows and unfollows, detect blockers, identify fans, and analyze engagement. 

Setup is relatively easy. Once you install the app, simply login using your Instagram account and the application will automatically initiate the analytics process. 

Your dashboard will soon display everything from total likes and comments per post, to new profile stalkers and more detailed information pertaining to follows, unfollows, and blocks.

Once in the app, multiple Instagram accounts can be added and tracked by subscribing to the full version of this application.

Is Followers Analytics for Instagram - InstaReport safe for my kids?

This app is safe for kids, as its functions are limited to gathering analytics information from the Instagram account(s) owned by the user. Parents should be aware that Followers Analytics does feature in-app purchases, however, such as adding multiple accounts, with reports for profile stalkers, engagement, and insights. 

Subscriptions for these additional reports can be purchased at a rate of $4.99 for one month, $2.99/month for sic months, and $1.99/month for one year of full functionality.

Followers Analytics for Instagram can provide a teachable moment for teenagers who don't fully appreciate the degree to which social media activity is tracked and analyzed.

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Followers Analytics for Instagram - InstaReport Parent Rating

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  • Joe R.

    Unnecessary for kids. Wouldn't want strangers following them on instagram anyway