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Baby Dragons: Ever After High is a gaming app in which users hatch and raise dragons, competing in games and training along the way. The app is available for free in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store. It is rated for users ages 4 and older and is safe for kids.

About Baby Dragons: Ever After High™
In-App Purchases

What is Baby Dragons: Ever After High™?

Ever After High: Baby Dragons is a gaming app in which players raise baby dragons. Players earn points for taking care of their dragons, which requires players to log in daily to feed, play with, and train their pets.

Ever After High is spin-off and companion line of fashion dolls and shows connected to the Monster High series. Characters you'll meet in the Ever After High: Baby Dragons app are the children of fairy tale characters, rather than famous monsters.

In Baby Dragons: Ever After High, players are tasked with the arduous and rewarding job of raising their own dragon from hatchling to the time they are ready to compete in the dragon games. Dragon owners need to feed and play with their dragons so they grow strong and stay happy while doing so.


Each owner gets one baby dragon for free, with the chance to discover four more dragons, each with accessories and looks all their own. Owners can take the river raft with their dragon upon reaching level 10.


Players can explore their creative side by dressing dragons in accessories, skin patterns, and more. To earn gems, which are used to purchase new outfits and accessories, dragon owners complete flight training and send their dragon on adventures.


Baby Dragons: Ever After High is free to download and play, and is available in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store. The game does offer in-app purchases to buy different dragons, outfits, and themed packs, but these are not necessary and can be turned off in the device settings if need be.


The app receives solid reviews in the iTunes review section, scoring an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 accompanied by high praise from players and parents.  

Is Baby Dragons: Ever After High™ safe for my kids?

The Baby Dragons: Ever After High gaming app is safe for kids. The game has cute cartoon graphics that are great for kids, and gameplay that keeps them interested and entertained.

Kids will love the opportunity to raise their own personal pet dragon, and enjoy the responsibility of feeding and playing with them. There are no opportunities to chat or meet strangers in Baby Dragons: Ever After High, so parents don't need to worry about that functionality.

One concern parents may have is the presence of in-app purchases. While they are not at all necessary to play the game, the cute, fun outfits can be tempting for kids who want the best for their dragons. Luckily for parents, this feature can be disabled from the device settings.

Still, even if in-app purchases are disabled, it is important to talk with kids about the ground rules pertaining to permission to buy items from within apps. Baby Dragons: Ever After High is rated for players ages 4 and older, and it is safe for all kids to play.

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