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Elmo Loves ABCs is an safe for kids, educational app that aims to help young children get an early start with the alphabet. The app is simple and covers the entire alphabet, but is perfect for early learners. It is rated for preschoolers and is free to download and play from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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What is Elmo Loves ABCs?

Sesame Street and its associated educational activities, has been a pillar in early education, and the Elmo Loves ABCs upholds the quality the brand is known for.


With simple activities, and instruction from a beloved character, young children get an early start with the alphabet. Elmo Loves ABCs is rated for preschoolers and is free to download and play from the App Store and the Google Play Store


In the Elmo Loves ABCs app, each letter, from A-Z features 3 accompanying videos (classic Sesame Street clips covering objects that begin with the selected letter), hide-and-seek screens, and 3 coloring pages.


Children will see a simple menu on the right of their screen allowing them to navigate through the activities by tapping on each activity icon. Each activity type is depicted with an icon which brings up additional options once selected.


Elmo Loves ABCs opens with a bright board, surrounded by the letters of the alphabet in upper and lowercase pairs. Perfect for younger children, a video clip of Elmo appears on the screen instructing young players to touch one of the letters surrounding him.


Once a letter is selected, Elmo announces the letter and instructs children to trace the yellow dotted lines within to trace the letters with their fingers.


After tracing, another screen appears with a video clip of Elmo instructing children to touch one of the three objects at the bottom, all of which begin with the chosen letter. Classic Sesame Street video clips and animations play on the screen for each object, further enforcing the selected letter.


Coloring pages offer pictures of each of the three items children have learned begin with the featured letter. The top of the screen features an assortment of colors to choose from with a simple tap of a finger.


Once finished, children are able to save their coloring page to the device’s camera roll by selecting the floppy disk icon at the bottom right corner of the coloring screen, just below the menu of activity options.


Children can opt to play letter games instead of doing each letter’s activities, by tapping the button with the star in the center, in the lower left hand corner of their screen.


Letter activities include letter identification, with both upper and lowercase letters, by following Elmo’s prompts and tapping the letter he’s chosen with one’s finger.


Another game features objects or animals, each starting with a different letter. Elmo goes through first, pronouncing all of the object/animal names, and then asks children to tap the animal that starts with a specific letter.

Is Elmo Loves ABCs safe for my kids?

The app is simple and covers the entire alphabet, but is perfect for early learners. This app is safe for kids.

An engaging character, bright colors, and hands-on activities makes the Elmo Loves ABCs app a win for both children and parents.

All of the activities, apart from video clips, are easy to navigate and require simple tapping and dragging motions, perfect for children still developing gross motor skills.

Elmo Loves ABCs, with the assortment of related letter/alphabet activities, enhances preschoolers’ understanding of the alphabet through a series of tactile and contextual activities.

Not only do children learn the letters, but they’re given relatable examples of items that begin with each letter, further reinforced by bringing those same objects through all of the activities.

With Elmo offering encouragement throughout the activities, children come away from the Elmo Loves ABCs app feeling confident with their alphabet prowess. 

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