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About Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
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What is Duolingo: Learn Languages Free?

With its friendly approach and frequent updates, the Duolingo mobile app is highly recommended for children trying to learn another language. Its secret: making the process convenient and genuinely fun.

Engaging mini-games test students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills, and Duolingo users can join language clubs (where you can encourage and compete with other members) adds a great social element.

The Duolingo mobile app is free, though a subscription operation is available for users who want to do without in-app advertisements. Duolingo requires users register an email address with the company, which is used as a login and for optional push notifications.

Users appreciate the fun and low-key style of Duolingo's approach to language instruction, with the added convenience of being able to practice their foreign language skills on their mobile app whenever and wherever it's convenient.

Duolingo began as a project of  Luis von Ahn, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and inventor of the reCAPTCHA system, using funding from a National Science Foundation grant and a MacArthur fellowship.

When the first Android version of the Duolingo mobile app was released, it quickly rose to become the most downloaded educational app in the Google Play store.

Seven years later, Duolingo offers courses in 32 languages (including English) and is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 and 10 platforms. There are approximately 150 million registered Duolingo users, worldwide.

Duolingo originally made money by using its language students to crowdsource radpid translations of documents for paying organizations, such as news agencies and corporations. Customers would provide documents needing translation, which would be broken up and presented to Duolingo users as language exercises, with other users checking their work by selecting the “correct” translations.

The Duolingo mobile app was the first educational app to earn Apple's iPhone App of the Year award.

Is Duolingo: Learn Languages Free safe for my kids?

The Duolingo mobile app is safe for children age 13 and up, though some translation problems involve references to alcohol or smoking.

Duolingo does feature in-app advertisements, which can be removed for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. Subscribed users can also download language lessons and activities for offline use.

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