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About DIY App – Creative Community for Kids
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What is DIY App – Creative Community for Kids?

The DIY  – Creative Community for Kids app helps kids hone their creativity and practical skills on DIY projects, safely sharing them with a supportive community for encouragement and advice. 

The app helps kids learn new creative skills, connect with like-minded friends, and keep a portfolio of their work.

The mobile app encourages kids to take pictures of their projects and post them in different categories, like biology or woodworking. 

This combines real-world accomplishment and experimentation with the best aspects of social media to help kids engage and find joy in creative endeavors.

The app is a companion to DIY.org, an online community for kids between the ages of six and sixteen. With their free DIY account, members can access DIY's Skill Library, which contains thousands of projects and challenges for them to explore while earning skill patches in one hundred and twenty-five categories. 

These projects can be anything from attempting an interesting Minecraft build or making a duct tape wallet to digging a pond in their yard.

If your child completes and posts three projects in any of these areas, they are awarded a badge in that skill category to display on their DIY.org profile. Digital badges are awarded for completion, no matter the time spent on the task or how ""well"" the task is completed.

Parents and teachers can track children's performance on the site, with instant notifications of anything they post and access to a private “Adult Dashboard” that monitors their progress in skill development and summarizes their social activity with the site and the The DIY  – Creative Community for Kids mobile app.

It's worth noting that parents will need to be on-hand, either to provide or purchase materials, or for a helping hand when required.

Is DIY App – Creative Community for Kids safe for my kids?

The DIY  – Creative Community for Kids app is both safe for children and developmentally healthy, enouraging positive interactions, skill-building, and practical experimentation over the virtual “rewards” and instant validation of other contemporary apps. 

The community is positive and encouraging, with careful monitoring of everyone's online interactions. Moderators not only patrol the community for inappropriate content, but actively support children through positive social engagement and encouragement of their projects.

The developers take child safety and healthy development very seriously and have a reputation for immediately acting on concerns presented by users, parents, or educators. The DIY  – Creative Community for Kids app and DIY.org are fully compliant with the United States Federal Trade Commission's Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and their companion app is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

Parents will like this tech twist of the days of old, when kids spent hours doing and creating - building forts, exploring in nature, learning to cook - things that used to merit badges for scouts, but seem lost in today's digital society.

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