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About Disney Princess Palace Pets
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What is Disney Princess Palace Pets?

Disney Princess Palace Pets lets children play with the pets of their favorite Disney princesses. The app gives kids access to six Disney Princess Pets: Cinderella's dog, Pumpkin; Aurora's cat, Beauty; Belle's dog, Teacup; Ariel's cat, Treasure; Snow White's bunny, Berry; and Rapunzel's horse, Blondie.

Four additional pets can be purchased within the app, as well. These include Sultan, Jasmine's tiger; Petit, Belle's horse; Lily, Tiana's cat; and Summer, Rapunzel's cat.

After selecting a pet, kids read along with a short origin story for written for each character.

These stories introduce the pet into the Princesses' story, tell kids what the pet likes and dislikes, and gives them some basic tips on how to best care for each animal.

They can then take their new pet to the salon, to groom and dress up each animal. Treats and other accessories are available via in-app purchasing.

Released in June 2013, the Disney Princess Palace Pets app performed well enough for the Disney Consumer Products division to incorporate it as an official extension to the Disney Princess line of products targeted at young girls. A series of animated shorts was produced, titled “Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets”, which take place in a kind of multi-dimensional nexus connecting the story worlds of the franchise's core Princesses.

A line of toys was developed and released by Disney Consumer Products licensee Blip Toys in 2013.

Is Disney Princess Palace Pets safe for my kids?

The Disney Princess Palace Pets app is safe for children, containing no explicitly objectionable content, and is considered appropriate for children over the age of four.

The app's features are limited, and children will quickly run up against the limits of the free version. In-app purchases can expand this with additional pets and accessories. There are 31 possible pets, with accompanying stories and animations.

As with many Disney titles, parents should be aware that this application aggressively drives in-app purchasing behavior and contains advertisements for other Disney properties. Consider disabling in-app purchasing entirely before giving your child access to this app.

Unfortunately, the Disney Princess Palace Pets mobile app has been occasionally plagued with technical difficulties since its launch. A number of reviews mention disappearing pets, purchases that are never delivered, and unexplained resets. The game takes up a lot of local storage space, as well, with the app taking approximately 500MB to install and very large image formats for pictures created within the game.

In 2017, the Disney Princess Palace Pets app was cited in a major class action lawsuit which alleged unauthorized data collection and violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. This app, and forty-two other Disney-branded games, tracked the activities and location of children without parental notification.

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