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About Diary with lock
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What is Diary with lock?

Diary with Lock is a simple digital journal app that users can password protect to keep entries away from prying eyes. Free to download and use, Diary with Lock is available only for Android users in Google Play. 

Diary with Lock does offer a paid premium version, for $1.99, which removes advertisements and offers a wider range of emoticons for use.

With an icon resembling a locked diary, Diary with Lock is today’s digital equivalent of a paper journal with lock. Users have the choice to password protect their Diary, or leave it unlocked for easy access. 

Password recovery is available for those who forget their code, they simply need to make sure that their email address is updated within the app. 

A menu bar offers a handful of options for users to customize their diaries, including upgrading to a Premium account, Codelock, Colors and Style, Online Diary Account (to sync diary between devices, import notes and export for backup), and a Reminder feature that will push notifications to remind users to record their thoughts for the day.

The ability to sync Diary with Lock between devices makes it easy to jot quick notes and thoughts down wherever a user is, in addition to backing up notes on a separate device. Diary with Lock does, however, provide private and secure cloud storage for its users. 

A feature that’s popular with users is the fact that the Diary with Lock app does not take up much memory or space on one’s mobile device, which is made possible with its text-only features.

The Diary with Lock app allows users to view a monthly calendar, with entries denoted with emojis, as well as a weekly calendar view, which is more detailed, showing days rated by stars, emojis and entry titles. When a user inputs a daily entry, they are able to rate how that day was, using a scale of between 1 and 5 stars.

Is Diary with lock safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Diary with Lock app is a digital journal app, in which users input entries and safeguard their private thoughts with a password. It is safe for most kids.

The platform is simple and intuitive, and is rated for everyone. There’s not much to be concerned with the Diary with Lock app, unless parents take issue with locked diaries.

Parents will like the fact that the Diary with Lock app is limited to text-only entries, so it is unable to serve as a vault-type app for photos and videos. Users are able to customize the background color of the app, as well as to change the text color and font style to suit their personal aesthetic.

Diary with Lock is not only for entries of secret thoughts and feelings, but it can be an easy digital equivalent of a food, dream or travel journal. Because the Diary inputs entries into calendar dates, it’s easy for users to scan entries by date, with both monthly and weekly views. 

Parents who are in the habit of reading their child’s paper diary will not be fans of the Diary with Lock app.

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