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About Hinge: Dating & Relationships
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What is Hinge: Dating & Relationships?

What sets Hinge apart from other dating apps is that it uses a user’s Facebook friend list to make matches. 

While the technology behind this is undisclosed, Hinge takes the random portion out of online or on-app dating, as all of a user’s matches will have a mutual Facebook friend in common.

When a match is made, users can view the mutual friend to either use it as a conversation starter, or ignore (depending on how the user feels about the mutual friend). Once a match is made, the platform also shows users common interests (pulled from Facebook activity), and pushes for in-person meetings. 

Those users who wish to take it slow also have the option of chatting directly through the Hinge app’s platform.

Hinge sells potential users with the tagline, “You are more than 3 pictures and a swipe” and is known as “The Relationship App.” 

Hinge is targeted only for serious relationships, however, users only need to be 13 years of age to sign up. Hinge can also help teen and adult users expand their social networks, but parents may not see the appeal in only expanding those networks with potential romantic interests.

Hinge has its own version of "swiping", where users can skip a match by tapping the “x” icon, or can remove someone from their matches completely by tapping the 3 dots to the right of their profile story.

Is Hinge: Dating & Relationships safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Hinge is a dating app, which uses mutual acquaintances to make connections. Completely free to use, the Hinge app scans users’ Facebook friend lists to make matches, ensuring that every match has at least one mutual friend in common. 

However, as Hinge uses the Facebook platform to create their database, it means that Hinge is available for users with the same Facebook user terms: 13 years or older. 

Here’s where it can get confusing, though. Those minor users who are friends with their parents & parent's friends can potentially be matched with adult singles from their friend lists. 

Parents should know that Hinge pulls Facebook profile information to create user profiles, including information that is set to private, such as the school a child attends. 

And once a Hinge profile is uploaded from Facebook, including pictures, that information can not be changed or deleted; this is an issue concerning minors, and parents may prefer their children to keep their Facebook profiles locked down.

While the Hinge app is conceptually great, as it cuts down on the fake profiles so many dating apps are inundated with, it still poses an issue when it comes to minor users and therefore, it is best suited for adults.

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Hinge: Dating & Relationships Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 3

  • Gary S.

    This app is for adults only!! Kids should never use dating apps, there are too many creeps out there

  • Sarah M.

    As a single mom, I've used this but I wouldn't recommend for my kids. You have to have a Facebook account anyway and my kids don't use Facebook.

  • Sheila J.

    I would never let my daughter use a dating app!