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Daily Connect is a tracking app aimed towards connecting childcare providers and parents. With this app, parents can see what their child is up to while they’re away, in real time, as well as track their baby’s schedule when away. Daily Connect is rated for users of all ages, and is available to purchase for $4.99.

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Daily Connect is an app that allows both parents and childcare providers to easily connect, in real time, replacing the paper daily sheet for schedules and communication.


Because the Daily Connect app features an easy, rapid entry system, childcare providers are able to provide more accurate updates throughout the day. While the Daily Connect app is available for both iOS and Android devices, it also includes a web interface, so that updates and check ins can be done without the use of a mobile device.


Daily Connect synchronizes information input, by both parents and childcare providers, all of a child’s schedule information is accessible by both parties, in real time. The Daily Connect alleviates the need for daily paper sheets, which can often turn up lost or incomplete, placing all of a child’s information in one, easy to access place. There is no data limit with the Daily Connect app, so users are able to enter in as many children, caregivers and parents as they need.


The Daily Connect app also stores pertinent personal information, including doctor visits, medications, vaccines, sickness, height, weight and head size. An alarm function allows Daily Connect users to set reminders throughout the day, for anything from medications to diaper checks. A timer functions allows both parents and caregivers to track naps, activities, feeding sessions and moods or behaviors.


At the end of the day, all of a baby’s daily activities are placed in an easily accessible and easy to read graph for quick reference or overview, and all entries on graphs are set in a timeline view, allowing parents to get a snapshot of an entire day.


Daily Connect users are able to easily view past entries, and download information into excel .csv files for things like doctor appointments or personal record. With no limits on data, or the number of children or caregivers in the app, Daily Connect is a winner with both parents and childcare providers.  

Is TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited safe for my kids?

The Daily Connect app allows both parents and childcare providers to quickly enter and look at daily events, such as feedings, naps, diaper changes and milestones, so that both parties are informed of a baby’s daily schedule. This app is rated for all users and safe for kids, though they won't find much use for it.

Daily Connect also includes entries for a baby’s mood, temperature, play activities, and allows childcare providers to attach/upload photos of children, to keep parents updated throughout their child’s day.

Because the app makes data input and daily events quick and easy, childcare providers are able to provide more communication for parents throughout the day, ensuring confidence in their child’s needs being met, in addition to keeping clients well informed and happy.

Positive parent reviews include the ease in which families are able to check on their baby’s progress throughout the day, in addition to feeling like they are in constant communication with their caregivers through the updates made in the app.

Positive childcare provider reviews express the ease in which they’re able to communicate with parents throughout the day, and the ability to communicate more often, as well as praising the reduction in paperwork.

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