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Couple Tracker Pro allows users to easily share and exchange text messages, phone call history, history of GPS locations and Facebook likes and comments with their partners in real time. This app is the paid version of the free app, Couple Tracker, is available to download for $5.99 and features additional in-app purchases.

About Couple Tracker Pro - Cell phone monitoring
In-App Purchases

What is Couple Tracker Pro - Cell phone monitoring?

Advertised as the “Best affair and cheating prevention and detection mobile app for partners, lovers, and husbands,” the Couple Tracker Pro app was designed with adults in mind. While the premise of the app may be uncomfortable for some, Couple Tracker Pro makes things a two-way street, requiring that both parties share the same information with one other.

Text messaging is one area that is shared through the Couple Tracker Pro app, with the paid version showing the first 50 characters of each text message in partners’ message strings (whereas the free app only shows the first 30 characters). So, the Couple Tracker Pro app is not completely transparent, since most SMS messages allow for 160 characters, but those using even the paid version are only able to view 50 of those characters.

In addition to text messaging, phone call history is shared between partners, listing the date, time and length of each incoming and outgoing call, in addition to the caller contact name or phone number.

Location tracking is another feature of the Couple Tracker Pro app, with a partner’s GPS location marked and saved on a map, in 15 or 30-minute intervals, for the other to track in real time.

The Couple Tracker Pro app also spills over into social media, with daily statistics showing the top likes and comments by person on a partner’s Facebook account. All of Couple Tracker Pro’s features show information in real-time, so users are able to see their partner’s activity, up to the minute. It’s important to note that the Couple Tracker Pro app does not allow users to hide or delete the information being served to the other partner, so there is no way for users to alter the information being transmitted.

It should be noted that the Couple Tracker Pro app only works with a phone’s native messaging capabilities, so the app can easily be circumvented by downloading a third party messaging app, in which texts and photos can be exchanged, and phone calls made.

Users should also note that each partner will need to pay to download the Couple Tracker Pro app on their cell phone, at a cost of $5.99 each. Additional features, such as viewing all 160 characters of a text, can be purchased via in-app purchases, ranging in cost from $0.99 to $9.99.

Is Couple Tracker Pro - Cell phone monitoring safe for my kids?

Couple Tracker Pro is a cell phone monitoring app meant for couples to keep tabs on each other’s activity. Couple Tracker Pro may be an excellent tool for parents to use with their children, if they’re okay with their children being able to see their own cell phone activity and whereabouts.

This app is not intended for kids to use on their own or without their parent's permission. 

Because Couple Tracker Pro can only be used by two agreeing parties, both allowing the same access to the other’s device, teens would be able to access information on a parent’s phone.

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