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About Cooking Fever
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What is Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever is a strategy and time management game, in which players must assemble and receive orders from customers. This free app is seems straightforward, but throw in more food options and customers, some who are really impatient, and things become fast-paced and chaotic. 

Players begin behind the counter with a soda fountain, frying pan, and a small sales goal. Once they achieve each round’s goal, they continue to the next level with more difficult food orders and goals.

Players begin behind their counter, waiting for patrons to appear before them with orders. When a patron approaches the counter, a white box appears beside their head, in which appears his order. 

Players must fill each patron’s order before he or she gets upset; customer levels of satisfaction are indicated by a meter inside their white order box, which begins green and decreases in level and color as they wait. 

Players will encounter unhappy customers in this game, who grumble, change their facial expression, and leave the counter unhappy.

Swiping and tapping, players prepare orders and fill sodas from the fountain. Once a soda is filled or food is cooked, players then drag them to the correct customer to fulfill their order. 

Customers leave coins after each successfully completed transaction, which players must collect and add to their bank. Once the level coin collection goal is achieved, the round is finished.

Like many other free games, the more a player plays, the more they are rewarded with coins and gems which can be cashed in to unlock additional game play options. After a level, players can qualify for an achievement or be awarded coins that can be used to shop for kitchen and restaurant upgrades. 

An achievement reward could be the addition of a waiter, who will help players take orders and serve customers. Upgrades come in the form of adding another soda fountain or frying pan, which makes the game easier to play.

Is Cooking Fever safe for my kids?

Cooking Fever is safe for kids, but parents should be aware that the game present opportunities for in-app purchases, in the form of coin and gem purchases. Gold coins are the game currency, which also dictates what equipment players can buy to outfit their kitchens. 

Coins are earned at the completion of each round, and then are used to purchase kitchen upgrades, such as an additional soda fountain or frying pan.

With coins as currency for everything in the game, parents should be aware that coins are available through in-app purchases, as well as in exchange for completing tasks. 

Tasks, that are rewarded with coins, include connecting the app to Facebook, inviting a Facebook friend, liking Cooking Fever on Facebook, and following Cooking Fever on Twitter. 

There is a huge disparity in “free” coin distribution. Social media tasks earning 100-200 coins, while “completing a special offer” is awarded with 5,000 coins. 

The special offer that appeared in test game play was an advertisement that requires players to install and run the advertised app. Once the app is installed and run, players are given their coins.

Overall, Cooking Fever is a fun app, but parents should be aware of multiple enticements for in-app purchases or downloads.

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  • Gary S.

    My son loves this game, totally safe for kids