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About FIFA Mobile Soccer
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What is FIFA Mobile Soccer?

FIFA Mobile Soccer is a fantasy sports app for mobile devices, where users can create their ideal teams and compete with other players around the world. 

Players can manage teams in impressive details, drawing from rosters of 17,000 real-world players on six hundred and fifty teams, across thirty leagues. Players can make squad adjustments on the fly and adjust line-ups and tactics in detail.

With the FIFA Mobile Soccer app, users can take these teams and compete against other players, live, from all over the world. They can also join and compete within leagues, chatting and communicating with other FIFA players live.

Intra-league championships occur regularly, while advanced players can participate in worldwide competitions against rival leagues. The newly added attack Mode features turn-based multiplayer matches, live events, and skill-building mini-games.

Is FIFA Mobile Soccer safe for my kids?

The FIFA app is safe for kids, and may be especially interesting to those familiar with sports and soccer culture. There are in-app advertisements displayed at some points of the game, in the form of stadium banners, and these can sometimes advertise alcoholic beverages or other products of interest to adults.

The application may contain links to social networking or third-party sites intended for users over the age of thirteen. This can't be circumvented by isolating the device, unfortunately, as the FIFA Mobile app requires a persistent internet connection to function.

There are in-app purchases in this game, so parents may want to consider talking to their children about purchasing rules and limits.

The live chat feature is not moderated or filtered, so children may encounter inappropriate or explicit language. 

This app is safe for kids but may require some adult supervision.

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