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CM Launcher 3D is a phone launcher for Android that offers users a wide variety of themes and graphic features that changes their device interface with 3D graphics and interactions. The launcher is free to download from the Google Play store.

About CM Launcher 3D - Boost , Theme
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What is CM Launcher 3D - Boost , Theme?

CM Launcher 3D is a launcher app that gives Android users the ability to completely change their device interface and optimize device performance.


This launcher includes 3D animations, so interactions such as swiping and screen transitions have a new, eye-catching effect. Users can also set live wallpapers for their phone background or use any of the thousands of 3D or 2D themes to personalize their device.


CM Launcher 3D also includes such features as quick searching, app sorting, and a phone booster to make devices more efficient and user experience smoother. The launcher also provides the option to hide and lock apps in a special folder for privacy protection.


Essentially, CM Launcher 3D operates in the place of the traditional device interface, so users have more customization options, like different interaction effects and graphics to choose from.


The launcher is rated T for teen in the Google Play store due to the mild violence included in some of the themes. It is free to download and use, and can be found in the Google Play store. Reviewers speak highly of the app, praising the ability to explore different themes and effects, and they score CM Launcher 3D an average of 4.6 out of 5 in the review section. 

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Is CM Launcher 3D - Boost , Theme safe for my kids?

CM Launcher 3D is generally a safe app for kids, but some of the themes offered have a level of violence in them that results in the "T" for teenage recommendation.

The launcher does not have any dangerous features, such as a anonymous chat rooms or platforms to meet strangers. Although one potentially concerning feature might be the ability to hide and lock apps, as kids might abuse this to keep certain apps secret and out of the view of their parents.

The CM Launcher 3D app does not offer any real benefits either, besides possibly boosting phone efficiency and performance, but it's enjoyable for users to customize their device experience, which is what launcher apps are ultimately designed to do.

This launcher app is relatively easy to configure, so even younger kids who are used to fidgeting and exploring technology will be able to use CM Launcher 3D. Overall, the CM Launcher 3D app does not pose a threat to kids who want to personalize their Android phones, and most of the themes are fun and silly, with popular characters like Kung Fu Panda and Shrek.

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