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The Grand Wars: San Andreas is a mobile edition in the popular Grand Theft Auto series of console games. Free to download and play, this video game app is only available for Android devices and has advertisements and in-app purchases. It is rated for players 17 years of age and older and is not safe for kids.

About The Grand Wars: San Andreas
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What is The Grand Wars: San Andreas?

The Grand Wars: San Andreas is a mobile edition in the popular Grand Theft Auto series of console games. Players take on the role of CJ, fighting to take back control of San Andreas.

In The Grand Wars: San Andreas, players take on the character of CJ, a character featured in the previous San Andreas console game who is in a fight to take back the streets of San Andreas as a kingpin. The wars the mobile game refers to are gang wars, with CJ being sent on missions to kill rival gang members and take back street after street.

An example of one of the missions is CJ, taking cover behind a car in a neighborhood cul de sac, engaging in a gunfight with a rival faction. Once players shoot and kill each rival gang member, they’ve finished the mission and are greeted with a “Great! This Hood Is Yours” message.

The storyline and soap opera feel of The Grand Wars comes by way of cutscenes, which are short animated clips that both provide background for the game’s storyline, as well as function to move the game forward. Gang rivalry, the mafia and corruption make up the seedy underbelly that is the backbone of The Grand Wars, where car theft is a tame offense, compared to the other action within the game.

Once entering another “hood” for battle, rival gang members are identified by the colors of their clothing and flashing red arrows alerting players to aim and shoot. The Grand Wars: San Andreas is a violent game, and provides commentary during shootouts, such as alerting players that they’ve killed a rival gang member with a shot to the head.

Is The Grand Wars: San Andreas safe for my kids?

With a mature rating, parents should be aware that The Grand Wars: San Andreas is a game for adults, and is not safe for kids. As part of the Grand Theft Auto family of games, parents should know that gang violence, graphic violence, profane language, drug use, sexual content, blood and gore feature heavily here, not to mention that the game centers around car theft.

Parents unfamiliar with the Grand Theft Auto series of games, should know that each game is like a soap opera, or crime movie, in which players participate. Parents can expect the animated story scenes to contain strong language, references to violence, and even sexual content or innuendo.

Parents should also be aware that the Grand Theft Auto brand of games is known for including prostitutes as characters, and allowing players to engage in violence against women; players can beat up prostitutes, even kill them, in order to take their money and any weapons in the games. The Grand Wars includes instructions such as, “Before you kill all thugs, you need to prepare,” urging players to stock up on weapons such as grenades and bullets for their handgun. And, according to The Grand Wars, “You can’t capture the hood without a lot of guns.”

The reality of The Grand Wars: San Andreas is that it is not a game for children since it idolizes gang behavior, encouraging players to participating in shootouts in residential neighborhoods and promotes violent play-acting within the game.

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