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About Bob Books Reading Magic #1
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What is Bob Books Reading Magic #1?

The Bob Books Reading Magic apps are educational games for beginning readers, modeled on the Bob Books series of learn-to-read books. The apps are designed to teach phonics and reading skills to children between the ages of three and six.

The original Bob Books series was created by Bobby Lynn Maslen, a preschool teacher who developed the first books as individualized educational materials for her three-to-five year old students. Each was hand-drawn, with unique copies created for each student.

The Bob Books app series guide children through matching sounds to letters, and assembling letters into words to help them learn the basics of phonics. Kids are rewarded with fun and engaging animations once they've completed all four levels of each exercise. 

Just like the original Bob Books, each activity takes your child through an entire step-by-step phonics instruction exercise, gently building skills through repetition and reward.

There are three apps in the Bob Books Reading Magic series:

  • Reading Magic 1 contains twelve scenes from Bob Books Series 1, focusing on short vowels and three-letter words.
  • Reading Magic 2 is based on Series 2, which has longer stories than Series 1, but of similar complexity.
  • Reading Magic 3 features four games built around a list of the thirty most common Kindergarten-level sight words.

Parents can also adjust the difficulty of the Bob Books apps as needed, to keep it fresh and challenging.

Is Bob Books Reading Magic #1 safe for my kids?

The Bob Books Reading Magic apps are absolutely safe for children. There are no in-app purchases, ads, or user-generated content. All of the app content is created for children under the age of five. Bob Books may not be interesting for older children and advanced readers.

Educationally, these apps are designed around a proven method for teaching early literacy skills. This app can help kids learn to read in a fun and engaging way. The Bob Books have been an indispensable early education tool in Kindergarten and preschool classrooms for decades. 

The Bob Books apps may be most effective if parents guide their children's use of the app. Parental engagement with the app will ensure that your child is using the app correctly and that learning is as effective as possible.

Parents of young children may want to take consideration that the American Society of Pediatrics recommendations for the maximum amount of screen time for children aged two-to-five years is one hour of high-quality, educational media per day. This includes educational games and television. Parents of children younger than two years old are advised to avoid electronic entertainment altogether.

To best enjoy Bob Books Reading Magic, children need to master a few basic electronics handling skills, such as:

  • Basic touchscreen interactions, like dragging and dropping
  • Listening to and following verbal prompts from an app

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