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About BOSS Revolution - Cheap Calls
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What is BOSS Revolution - Cheap Calls?

The BOSS Revolution mobile app lets users make international calls inexpensively or for free if the communication is between BOSS Revolution app users. The BOSS network was created in 2009 to compete with the international calling card industry. BOSS and other PIN-less international calling providers have mostly replaced calling cards in major markets.

BOSS Revolution uses the Internet to make calls. Users connect to the BOSS network, which reconnects them to their destination at a lower cost than either direct calling or connecting via a calling card company.

International calling via the BOSS platform is drastically cheaper than on most mobile service plans and is available in over 200 countries.

The BOSS Revolution app is compatible with many of BOSS' mobile services, such as international and domestic calling and managing account balances. BOSS Revolution app users can also send money from the USA internationally, add money to pre-paid BOSS charge cards, and pay utility, cable, phone, or other bills via the app.

This app is does not replace BOSS accounts, and is of limited use without one. Once the app is downloaded and activated, it is tied to your existing BOSS account and charges services to that balance.

BOSS Revolution’s parent company built BOSS as a way to get around the almost exploitative international calling rates. Placing a call from the US to an overseas number often cost a fraction of what users were billed for calling into the US. This was due to increased competition within the American market, which drove international and long-distance calling rates down, while many foreign telephone companies still enjoyed near monopolies within their area of operation.

Is BOSS Revolution - Cheap Calls safe for my kids?

BOSS Revolution is safe for kids with guidance from an adult. It is also safe for mature teens to use on their own if they have been carefully instructed in its use and can be trusted with access to money. 

BOSS Revolution can be a great tool for communication. It provides a way for kids to talk to international family members cheaply. The app itself is free for Android and iOS. There are no additional monthly charges for installing or using the BOSS Revolution app.

Please note that the BOSS Revolution app is not a replacement for mobile service. The BOSS platform uses your provider's mobile data connection or WiFi, if it is connected, to facilitate calls between users.

While not inherently less safe than access to a cell phone, BOSS' additional features could possibly make kids vulnerable to financial scams. Apps users have the ability to send money internationally, fill pre-paid charge cards, or make other potentially costly mistakes. 

With some parental supervision or guidelines, the BOSS Revolution app is safe for kids and teens to use.

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