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About Blendr - Chat, Flirt & Meet
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What is Blendr - Chat, Flirt & Meet?

Blendr is a location-based social networking and “hook up” app which matches users by common interests, physical proximity, and desire for casual sex. It was created by Joel Simkhai, who developed Grindr for the gay and bisexual male community.

Blendr users provide a name (nicknames are allowed and even encouraged), a photograph, and a bio where they can summarize their interests and criteria for potential 'matches.' 

The app is designed to be less directly focused on sexual compatibility than Grindr, with more emphasis on common hobbies, interests, and professional or social activities.

While this design choice does support non-dating intentions, such as making local friendships based on shared hobbies, or seeking information about local events. Blendr is predominantly an app for seeking, finding, and vetting potential sexual partners. It is for adults only; using the app while under the age of consent should be considered actively dangerous.

There are some basic privacy protections built into Blendr, such as inexact of user physical locations or contact restrictions based on criteria specified in their profile settings.

The Blendr app is available for Android, iOS, and as a Facebook-native app. It is currently free, though supported by in-app advertising, with a paid version available that offers increased functionality. The app may also offer in-app purchases.

Is Blendr - Chat, Flirt & Meet safe for my kids?

Blendr is not safe for children or teens.

The app's terms of service forbid anyone under the age of eighteen from installing Blendr, or creating an account with the service, but there are no age verification measures in place. This means that other Blendr users will assume your child is of legal age and behave accordingly while interacting via the app.

If Blendr's administrators are made aware that a user under the age of eighteen or the age of majority in their country of residence, if that age is less than eighteen has created a profile with their service, they will delete the profile and almost all associated personal information. IP addresses and email addresses are maintained in order to prevent underage users from skirting the ban by simply creating another account.

While Blendr has policies in place forbidding hate speech, racist statements, nudity, or explicit sexual language, enforcement is predominantly the user's responsibility.

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  • Gary S.

    This is a dating app for adults. NOT a kids app at all