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BIGO LIVE is a live streaming app that allows users to steam and interact with other users on the platform.  Rated for teens, BIGO LIVE is free to download and use, but does contain in-app purchases for platform currency.  It is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app can be safe for older teens with parental supervision.

About BIGO LIVE - Live Stream
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What is BIGO LIVE - Live Stream?

BIGO LIVE is a live streaming app that allows users to vlog about their lives, stream video game play, host their own shows and interact with other users on the platform.  Rated for teens seventeen year of age and older, BIGO LIVE is free to download and use, but does contain in-app purchases for platform currency.  It is available for both iOS and Android devices.


The objective of BIGO LIVE is to allow users to create a platform for a following and make money in the process. One aspect that sets BIGO LIVE apart from other live video streaming apps is the ability to connect with local users.


While BIGO LIVE can be used for free, dedicated users, and those looking to travel up the ranks of the platform, will want to take advantage of in-app currency, or beans.


Users purchase bean packages, ranging in price from $0.99 to $89.99, to ‘gift’ or tip their favorite vloggers. Vloggers are then able to cash out their in-app currency for real world cash thus successfully monetizing their channels.

BIGO LIVE users can watch or stream themselves with live feedback and commentary from the BIGO LIVE community. Users can opt to share their video posts via social media, on both Facebook and Twitter.


The BIGO LIVE platform is established similar to that of a gaming app, with levels and ranks assigned to users. Users receive bonus experience, or XP, points for daily sign-ins and watching other user videos, as well as sending and receiving gifts in the form of the platform currency.

Is BIGO LIVE - Live Stream safe for my kids?

Parents should know that BIGO LIVE is rated for teens, but app downloads are restricted to users ages 17 years and older. With any live video streaming app, content is a concern and BIGO LIVE is no exception.

Parents need to know that BIGO LIVE possesses no age verification, and requires users to provide personal information, such as their name, gender, age and location. This is definitely not an app that parents want younger teens (and children) to use.

In addition to revealing personal information, users are able to search for local members, which is unsettling if minors are attempting to use the app, especially since livestream videos are presumably of the account holder (thus making them easily recognizable on the street).

Users are also able to provide commentary during livestreaming, that can potentially be negative or profane and even outright bullying.

Teens who struggle for social acceptance can be negatively impacted by user commentary or use the outlet to feed their egos, neither of which are really positive aspects of the platform.

In fact, live streamers or video loggers (vloggers) are rewarded, by both the platform (in terms of rankings) and followers (in terms of monetary gifts or tips), for building large fan bases, which places an emphasis on social influence.

Those parents trying to rid their teens’ obsessive social status checking would be wise to have them forego the BIGO LIVE app altogether in favor of a more positive outlet for artistry.

However, parents should know that the majority of live streamers on BIGO LIVE are gamers and aspiring performing artists so the platform can provide a positive outlet, but parents should be sure to monitor their child’s account.

Content on the BIGO LIVE app poses issues for minors and younger teens, as many live streams contain profane language, violence and nudity. Parents should weigh the pros and cons of the platform with their child, to find the best outlet for them.

BIGO LIVE is definitely an app for parents to monitor closely (and set spending expectations), or even forego altogether.

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BIGO LIVE - Live Stream Parent Rating

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  • Chris T.

    not a fan of livestreaming apps for kids, i just don't trust them