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Best Phone Security Pro is a phone lock and alarm app aimed at securing users’ phones against intruders. Part alarm, part reporting, this app is available for download on iOS devices only for a purchase price of $0.99. This app is rated for users of all ages, but not recommended for kids.

About Best Phone Security Pro
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What is Best Phone Security Pro?

Best Phone Security Pro is an app that provides an additional layer of security on a user’s mobile device. Once users purchase and download the Best Phone Security Pro app for their iOS device, they have a multitude of lock and alert options to choose from.


The Best Phone Security Pro app features two types of screen lock options, either a passcode or personal identification number (PIN) or pattern identification screen. Users select the option they prefer, and use either the PIN or pattern as the method of unlocking their secured device.


With a PIN or pattern set, users can then tailor their alerts in Best Phone Security Pro. Users can choose whether to set audio on/off, and those choosing to keep the app audio on will then need to tailor the alarm settings for their device.


When someone attempts to log into a Best Phone Security Pro-protected device, an alarm will sound when they’ve entered the incorrect PIN or pattern code. Users have an option to choose from four preset alarm sounds, or record an alarm notification of their own.


Once the alarm is triggered on a device, Best Phone Security Pro locks the volume control on the device, which prevents the intruder from adjusting the audio level of the alarm ringing in the background (thus alerting the device owner, if they’re in the vicinity).


In addition to sounding an alarm, Best Phone Security Pro automatically takes a photograph when an incorrect PIN or pattern code is entered, and logs the GPS location of the break-in attempt. Break-in attempts are prominently displayed on the app icon, alerting the device owner of intruder activity when they retrieve their device (should they not be in the vicinity at the time of break-in attempt).

Is Best Phone Security Pro safe for my kids?

This app can provide an additional layer of protection for smartphones, but it can also be used by teens to keep prying parents out of their devices. While this app is rated for everyone, it is not recommend it for kids.

If parents have not discussed installing this app with their teen prior to finding it on their device, they should have a discussion about the need for this app.

Do not attempt to unlock Best Phone Security Pro, as the app will take a photograph when an incorrect password is entered, in addition to triggering an audible alarm. This can break the level of trust between teen and instead, parents may wish to have a discussion with their teen about the app prior to trying to enter the device.

Given the amount of personal information stored on mobile devices these days, and tween and teen’s proclivity towards “hacking” into friends’ phones, the Best Phone Security Pro app is an inexpensive way to add an additional layer of protection to devices.

However, it can be alarming for parents to discover that their child has downloaded and installed the app without letting them know in advance.

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