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What is Battlefield Companion?

Battlefield Companion is a support app for the Battlefield series of first-person shooter video games, allowing users to have quick access to their profile data, states, in-game awards, and the progress of their gaming friends. The app is intended to sync with supported Battlefield titles, though some users have reported reliability issues with this feature. 

Players can also view their character's available weapons and gadgets or change their profile emblems. This app tells users their score, number of wins, number of kills, kills per minute, and other game statistics. Battlefield players can use this app customize their soldier and equipment, like guns, grenades, or tactical items. Battlefield Companion also keeps users up to date with the game series by providing news and videos related to the Battlefield game series.

Battlefield players can use this app to connect with their friends. Players can follow specific friends to see when they are playing a Battlefield game. Under the ‘Friends List’ tab, users can get a daily summary of when friends are active and compare game statistics.

The Battlefield Companion app is really only useful to existing players of the Battlefield series and requires an active EA account to install.

Is Battlefield Companion safe for my kids?

While Battlefield Companion is safe for children, the Battlefield series itself is only appropriate for adults and mature teens. There is realistic gore and glorified violence at all levels of combat, from large-scale destruction to up close and personal combat. Players die realistically, in simulated pain, with sometimes graphic blood, organs and body parts. This game rewards violence in the context of military operations. This series and its Battlefield Companion app are really not appropriate for kids.

The single-player Battlefield campaigns features many mature situations and strongly inappropriate language, sometimes more than you might expect from a combat simulation. In Battlefield 3, for example, players are forced into a moral dilemma that demands they execute several innocent police officers in order to prevent a mass casualty event. This is on par with the baseline level of violence in the Battlefield series.

Where the Battlefield Companion app and the Battlefield series can enable particularly inappropriate behavior and language, however, is in multiplayer game modes where players communicate through open voice chat with strangers over the internet. Multiplayer voice chat in combat-centered games usually include hate speech, adult language, and explicit threats of violence.

Battlefield Companion facilitates access to multiplayer game modes and inter-player communication. This can expose your children to hateful language and explicit threats, while making it easier for players to track each other down on other platforms. This app is a semi-anonymous online community in which players may use explicit language or hate speech.

The Battlefield Companion app may be safe for kids, but it is only useful to mature players of the Battlefield game series.

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