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The AT&T Call Protect app provides the first line of defense against fraudulent and spam calls from telemarketers and con artists. The Call Protect is free for AT&T subscribers to download and use. AT&T Call Protect features advertisements with its unpaid version, and in-app purchases come in the form of a monthly subscription.  This app is safe for kids.

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What is 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary?

The AT&T Call Protect app provides the first line of defense against fraudulent and spam calls from telemarketers and con artists. AT&T Call Protect notifies users if an incoming call is suspected spam and gives the user the option to block the call. 


The Call Protect is free for AT&T subscribers to download and use. AT&T Call Protect features advertisements with its unpaid version, and in-app purchases come in the form of a monthly subscription.


The AT&T Call Protect app helps AT&T wireless service subscribers reduce the number of unwanted spam or fraudulent calls they receive on their mobile phone. 


While the Call Protect app is free to download, those users opting to subscribe will gain additional features and no in-app advertisements. Features offered differ between Android and Apple devices. 


Android users are offered another “Mobile Security” feature with the Call Protect subscription plan and Apple users may only take advantage of Call Protect.


AT&T Call Protect Basic (unpaid) users will enjoy Automatic Fraud Blocking, Suspected Spam Warning, and Manual Call Blocking features. With the Automatic Fraud Blocking feature, AT&T Call Protect detects and blocks calls from suspected fraudulent numbers before a user’s telephone rings. 


It allows users to review blocked calls within the app as well as unblock any previously blocked numbers that may have been blocked at the outset.


The Suspected Spam Warning feature identifies telemarketers, debt collectors and other spam calls and displays “Suspected Spam” in place of caller name as potential scammer calls come through. 


The Manual Call Blocking feature is pretty straightforward and allows users to select contacts from their phone, as well as numbers that call in, and automatically label them to be blocked. This feature is redundant for iOS devices, as the feature is already built into Apple smartphones.


For $3.99 per month, AT&T Call Protect users can subscribe to the Plus plan which offers the features mentioned above in addition to Enhanced Caller ID, Reverse Number Lookup and Custom Call Blocking. 


The Enhanced Caller ID feature provides additional incoming caller information but is only available in AT&T HD Voice calling areas. WIth the Reverse Number Lookup, AT&T Call Protect Plus subscribers can enter any U.S. telephone number and receive caller information. Lastly, Custom Call Blocking allows users to block, send to voicemail or enable calls by category.

Is 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary safe for my kids?

It’s great to have a line of defense against potential scammers and telemarketers, but many AT&T customers feel that Call Protect is a service that should already be provided at no additional cost to existing customers with their wireless subscription. 

Whether the Call Protect app is worth $3.99 will be up to the individual user and their volume of daily telemarketing and spam calls. 

The AT&T Call Protect app poses no issue for children and can be helpful for Android users who wish to block numbers if they’re being harassed or bullied by phone.

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