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What is ASKfm?

ASKfm is a social media networking app and companion to the website of the same name where users can set up profiles and ask or answer questions from any of the site's 150 million reported users. These interactions can take the form of text, images, or short video clips.

ASKfm was originally created to compete with Formspring, and quickly outstripped the latter in terms of total users and international reach.

Is ASKfm safe for my kids?

Despite the best efforts of its new owners, ASKfm is not safe for children. Its use should be restricted to mature teens who are able to interact safely in semi-anonymous spaces, process hateful or harassing content when encountered, and take proactive steps to protect their privacy online.

While the site can help teens connect with like-minded people from all over the world, and broaden their base of experience, ASKfm has earned a reputation as an unhealthy place for children.

The combination of anonymity and accessibility created by the ASKfm platform creates an ideal environment for stalking, harassment, and cyberbullying. In the case of this site, the consequences have been fatal.

After being acquired by Ask.com, a number of steps have been taken to ensure the safety of  teens on the platform. Many of these follow a transition plan developed at the time of acquisition in partnership with the Attorneys General of New York and Maryland. These include:

  • Robust reporting, blocking, and parental control tools.
  • Active 24/7 human moderation.
  • Automatic keyword scanning and filtering.
  • Cooperation with the governments of the UK, Ireland, and US to develop more responsible safety policies.

While the platform's new ownership is making a responsible effort to ensure the safety of its teenage users, ASKfm is not safe for children. It should only be used by mature teens or adults who are able to communicate honestly about challenging situations as they arise.

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  • Terry M.

    I've read about too much cyberbullying on this app to let me teens use it