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About Amino: Communities and Chats
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What is Amino: Communities and Chats?

The Amino app is both a social network and a platform for users to interact with topics and communities of interest. Users can download the core Amino app, with access to all non-private Amino networks, or specialized apps for their area of interest. These can range from broad topics, like Anime, to small social networks built around a local sports team or club.

Most of these specialized Aminos are accessible via their own app, or a 'standalone' Amino. This way, an Amino created to support church activities or a local group of friends doesn't have to interact with the wider Amino system. Users of the core Amino app are at least technically able to access all other Amino social networks, though not all are public.

Amino users can post blogs or other interactive media, like polls or quizzes, while chatting with other members of their Amino. The chats can be public to all users of Amino, in groups of invited members only, or private one-on-one conversation between two users.

Aminos themselves are either Open or Invite-Only. Open Aminos are accessible to all users of the core Amino app, while Invite-Only Aminos can only be joined if a user is approved by one of the Amino's community moderators.

Currently, Amino is mobile-only.

Is Amino: Communities and Chats safe for my kids?

Amino is not safe for children under thirteen, who are not allowed to use the app under its terms of service. Amino moderators will delete any account know to be associated with children under the age of thirteen.

Amino could be great for savvy, older teens with unique interests – especially if they have difficulty connecting with like-minded people in school or the community. It allows them to focus in on networks dedicated to those interests, where they can share openly and feel welcome. Amino has the ability to be a constructive way for users to connect with others who share their passions or specific interests. 

The content encountered in any specific Amino is under the control of that Amino's community moderators. Some networks are more open to adult language and situations than others and may even be explicitly dedicated to content you find inappropriate, such as a mature television show. Parents may consider monitoring which Amino communities their child belongs to.

There are some kinds of content and language which Amino forbids in any community. According to their website:

  • Sexually explicit language or images
  • Hate speech or discrimination
  • Harassment, threats, or cyberbullying
  • Images or discussion of self-harm

Amino employs human moderators to seek out and remove this content, and users can also report anything they find for review. Teens can also block individuals who share inappropriate content, make them feel uncomfortable, or just don't add to the conversation.

Amino is a great app for older teens who want to connect with like-minded people online, without all the extraneous chatter.

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Amino: Communities and Chats Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 2

  • Chris T.

    Good app for kids to talk about their interests but definitely requires some parental supervision

  • Camila R.

    I don't let my daughter have facebook but she uses this and it seems pretty safe.