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The wish app is a shopping app in which users can find products listed at 50-80% off of retail. Wish is free to download and use, is rated everyone, and is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app is suitable for mature teens due to the easy and mindless buying experience.

About Wish - Shopping Made Fun
In-App Purchases

What is Wish - Shopping Made Fun?

With the tagline, “Shopping Made Fun,” users should expect to spend money while using the Wish app. Billing itself as the “#1 shopping mall in Europe and America,” users browse through an endless array of products, listed at 50-80 percent off of retail prices.


Additional deals are offered through Deal Dash, where users spin a wheel to “unlock” special prices on a select group of products.


For those who enjoy chasing deals on products, and don’t mind long ship times from factories in China, Wish is a great shopping app. Wish is free to download and use, is rated everyone, and is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Once in the Wish app, users have the option to browse collections through a preset feed, refine by size, color and rating, and shop branded products in the Outlet area (usually manufacturer seconds and refurbished electronics from name brands).


Those users looking for specific items can choose to shop by category: fashion, home, beauty and electronics.


In an effort to draw in users, the Wish app offers Deal Dash in which users may return each day to spin a wheel in order to “win” the ability to shop from a selections available at a discount for a limited amount of time.


In addition to Deal Dash, Wish offers hourly deals in which two products are featured each hour at an extra discount for purchase. Reward levels are earned through purchases and users can earn cash back or discount percentages the more they shop through the app.

Is Wish - Shopping Made Fun safe for my kids?

Discounts and deals entice shoppers to purchase, with the lure of paying 90 percent off of retail prices. With payment information stored directly in the app, parents should be aware that Wish makes the buying experience incredibly easy and mindless.

The majority of the products offered on Wish are shipping directly from manufacturers in China, so users who have concerns about factory work conditions should steer clear of this app.

Users should also read buyer reviews carefully before purchasing products as the low prices are often equal to the misleading size or quality of the item being advertised.

Wish gives the option for users to sign-up through Facebook, Google or email, so parents should be wary of the information that may be shared by logging-in through the first two options.

Users can create personal profiles and wish lists which are open to the public, so minors should be careful about uploading a profile photo associated with their account.

Once users create a profile on Wish, they’re able to create “wish” lists, which can be used to store items of interest and shared with others.  If notifications are enabled on the app users will receive notifications for price drops on favorite items or special deal notifications.

Though this app is rated everyone, but it is more suitable for mature teens and parents should make sure to have spending expectations in place before allowing their child to use Wish.

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Wish - Shopping Made Fun Parent Rating


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