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Amazon Music is a subscription streaming app that allows users to listen to individual songs, from a catalog of millions, in addition to curated playlists, channels, and personalized recommendations. It is rated for users ages thirteen years and older and should be used with adult supervision.

About Amazon Music: Discover Songs
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What is Amazon Music: Discover Songs?

The Amazon Music streaming app allows users to listen to individual songs, from a catalog of millions, in addition to curated playlists, channels, and personalized recommendations.

Amazon Music differs from other streaming services, as it allows users to integrate music they’ve purchased through Amazon, import music purchased through iTunes, and upload music from mp3s.

Amazon Unlimited Music provides users with access to tens of millions of songs, on demand and ad-free, more than a thousand carefully curated playlists, in addition to personalized stations, based upon user music preferences.

It’s important to note that Amazon Unlimited Music is different from Prime Music, and provides access to more music and services. Prime Music comes with an Amazon Prime annual subscription, and allows access to more than a million songs and for those Prime members desiring an Unlimited Music subscription, they are able to subscribe at a reduced cost.

Amazon Unlimited Music does offer a 30-day free trial for users to sample the subscription before committing to the monthly fee, and offers a discounted student rate for college students.

Those Amazon Music users with a family account will enjoy unlimited access to music streaming, curated playlists, downloads for offline listening, as well as personalized stations.

Is Amazon Music: Discover Songs safe for my kids?

Because the Amazon Music app does not feature an explicit lyric filter, it is rated for users ages thirteen years and older, and should be used with adult supervision

Because Amazon Music is linked to a user’s Amazon account, parents should be aware that children can easily purchase music through the app, as well as subscribe to the streaming service.

Users must have an Amazon account to use the Music app, and Amazon account holders must be 18 years or older, so minors wanting to use the Amazon Music app, according to terms, should do so under a parent or primary account. 

In order to stream music, the Amazon Music app requires some type of subscription - either Amazon Unlimited Music or Amazon Prime Music.

Parents should know that Amazon also offers an Unlimited Music Family Plan, which allows streaming on up to six devices, including third-party speakers and sound systems. Family Plan members have the additional option of downloading music for offline play. 

Families with Amazon Echo should note that it is possible for children to order a subscription to Amazon Unlimited Music by voice command, so be sure to adjust the device settings accordingly.

Also important to note is that even secondary users (minors) of the Amazon Music app, if using the Unlimited Music Family Plan, have access to the primary account holder’s payment information, and are able to make purchases outside of general music and album purchases.

The downside of Amazon Music, however, is that families have no option to filter content for age appropriateness, so children have the potential to be exposed to music with explicit lyrics, so parental supervision is recommended for this app.

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