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Akinator the Genie is an app that tries to read your mind by asking a series of questions about a real or fictional character. Akinator Genie is safe for kids when the child protection setting is on, but contains many in-app advertisements.

About Akinator
In-App Purchases

What is Akinator?

Akinator the Genie is an app that tries to read your mind. Players think of a person, real or fictional, and then answer questions as truthfully as possible until the Genie guesses the person correctly.

Players can challenge the Genie, but it can almost always read your mind, unless the character or person is very obscure. With each new game, players are awarded coins to use in the game and less popular characters are awarded more points.

Popular people or characters are reveled free of charge. but if players are thinking someone who is not well known, they have to pay to reveal the answer.  Players have the option to use their coins to reveal the answer, or they can opt to watch an advertisement video.

Akinator Genie has daily challenges, like "The top five Pokemon." Players try to get their Genie to guess the top five Pokemon, or other challenge, and are awarded with points if their Genie guesses correctly.

Genies can be customized using a player's coins. Players can change their hair, clothes, and add accessories like hats. They can choose to make their Genie look like a vampire, cowboy, or disco dancer. Players can also use their coins to change the game's background.

Is Akinator safe for my kids?

Akinator Genie is safe for kids, but the game contains many in-app advertisements. There is an ad between each game and players can watch ads so their Genie will reveal less well known characters and people. Players can skip the ads if they opt to upgrade to the paid version of the app. The game is overall appropriate for kids, but may become boring as the novelty wares off.

Akinator Genie requires WiFi, so parents may want to check their internet connect to avoid unwanted data charges. There are also in-app purchases available in the Akinator Genie app.

Most of the questions are appropriate for kids, but you may get questions like "Does this character have big boobs." To make the game more kid-friendly, parents can turn on child protection in settings. This setting will keep the game appropriate for kids and prevent questions that are meant for adults.

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