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3D Bowling is a virtual bowling app that allows users to partake in a lifelike bowling game. This app is available solely on Google Play for free download but contains ads for other games available for download. 3D bowling is recommended for kids ages 9 and older due to third party ads.

About 3D Bowling
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What is 3D Bowling?

3D Bowling is a bowling gaming app exclusively for Android phones that allows users to partake in a real 3D lifelike bowling game.

This app is rated for everyone and is recommended for kids ages 4 and older who can partake in a virtual bowling match. 3D Bowling is only available on Google Play for free a no cost download.

This app allows players to put their bowling skills to the test by giving players the opportunity to play a true ten frame round of bowling. The 3D Bowling app features stunning graphics, a variety of bowling balls and alleys that users can choose from as well as detailed stats on their game.

Players are able to put different spins on the ball depending on the way in which they move their finger across the screen. Users who do exceptionally well can see their name take its rightful place on the daily leaderboard.

This app is similar to several other virtual sports games such as Bowling King and PBA Bowling Challenge. Common reviews of this app sing its praises noting how all the small details such as ball preference and spin selection make this game not only lifelike but incredibly enjoyable.

Is 3D Bowling safe for my kids?

The 3D Bowling gaming app is safe for kids to play. This app is rated for users aged 4 and older and is best suited for kids interested in a realistic bowling game.

Parents should be aware that like other gaming apps, there are addictive gameplay elements, as players try to bowl their highest score or beat their opponent (if playing in two player mode). Putting time limits in place might be a good idea to keep kids from getting too enticed by gameplay. 

Besides that, there aren’t any elements that would be concerning for parents. The game itself is quite pretty, and there is no mature content available. There are third party advertisements, mostly for other gaming apps that are available for download.

Parents can also rest easy that this game doesn’t include any potentially dangerous elements like live streaming, location sharing, chatting or in-app purchases. Since the app is rated for all ages, the developers were sure to keep gameplay safe.

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