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One of our company’s core beliefs is that “Teaching kids how to safely use technology is essential in today’s world.”

And Zift is committed to helping parents around the world monitor and manage their kids’ digital lives. That’s why Zift partners with schools and educational programs to provide workshops and seminars to parents and students alike, on topics like: 

  • What Parents Need to Know About Their Child’s Screen Time
  • How to Build & Manage Your Online Reputation
  • Cyberbullying Guidance for Parents & Kids



Zift Co-Founder Chris Rothey speaks to parents & kids at Steppingstone Scholars, a rigorous educational program that supports talented and underserved students in the Philadelphia region. 

These interactive sessions, led by Zift team members, provide both parents and students the occasion to learn about the opportunities and challenges that smartphone, tablet and technology use brings.  

For parents, these sessions include up to date information on how kids are utilizing social media, popular apps they should be aware of, and the latest from experts on what is an appropriate and healthy balance for school work, tech use, free time and sleep. Social media contracts for family members are also discussed and provided.

For students, these sessions include tips on social media etiquette, how to build a healthy online presence and what to do to manage their digital reputation for future employers and college admissions boards.

If you would like to have a Zift team member visit your school or program, please contact Kristin MacLaughlin at kmaclaughlin@wezift.com