Zift Parental Control Technology,
Rated #1 by Tom’s Guide,
is now available as Net Nanny® 10!

Available for Windows, macOS & iOS.

Available for Windows, macOS & iOS.

Net Nanny: Your Screen Time Parenting Ally

Watch this video to see how Net Nanny® provides:

  • Visibility to and limits for your child's screen time activity
  • Instant updates on online searches
  • Instant alerts on Porn, Drugs, Weapons, and Suicide
  • Updates on apps used
  • Instantly & remotely turn off the Internet on your child's devices

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Get the peace of mind you want, right in the palm of your hands.

  • The Best Protection

    With Net Nanny®, you can be sure you have the Best Protection available to block unwanted apps and to shield your kids from online dangers.

    Not all filters are created equal. Unlike most filters that block entire sites, Net Nanny® employs the award-winning Net Nanny® Filter technology that looks at individual web page content and determines in real-time if it is safe for your child.

    You’ll have complete control over the settings that will guide the monitoring and appropriate filtering of your kids’ devices.

    Watch our video about Net Nanny®.

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  • The Right Visibility

    With Net Nanny®’s revolutionary “Family Feed” you’ll have the visibility to track in real-time, the digital device activity of each child in your family.

    Net Nanny® provides instant visibility for Internet searches, updates on apps used, and alerts that your child may have viewed Porn, Drugs, Weapons, Suicide and other inappropriate content.

    And if you want to learn more about the apps your child is using or trending apps, the “Parent Portal” can provide educational insights from experts and other parents.  

    Watch our video about Net Nanny®.

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  • Screen Time Control & Scheduling

    Ever wonder how much time your kids use their device?

    Net Nanny® lets parents see the daily total of each child’s screen time and how their devices are being used. You can even turn off the Internet on your child's device immediately from a remote location when you want your child to unplug.

    With Net Nanny®, parents can manage daily screen time, create schedules or curfews for when kids use their devices, and easily adjust the allotted time allowances for each day.

    Watch our video about Managing Screen Time & Scheduling.

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