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About Miitomo
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What is Miitomo?

*This app is no longer available.

Miitomo is a Nintendo app that features Miis, the avatars used on the Wii console.

Users begin by creating a Mii and carefully picking its looks, clothes, and voice. Once your Mii has a voice, the real fun begins: it starts trying to get to know you in return, by asking about everything from favorite foods to what you did last weekend.

Players use their avatars for mini-games and activities. When users connect with friends, their Miis interact and ask each other questions.

Is Miitomo safe for my kids?

Miitomo is safe for teens and young adults. All non-user-generated content adheres to Nintendo’s strict guidelines on family-friendly material and positivity.

Parents should know that users are able to integrate their contacts from other social media platforms. Users must be 13 years or older to register, and parents should be aware that Miitomo offers many in-app purchases.

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