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What is LiveJournal?

LiveJournal is a social blogging and communications platform that allows users to journal or keep a diary online.

Privacy settings allow users to select specific people on their friends list to share with, or completely set their journal to private, much like the lock on a diary.


For privacy access on the site, any given users can be mutual friends, not friends at all, or in one of two possible one-way friendships.


With a basic free package and a minimum user age of thirteen years, LiveJournal is great for those children who simply wish to record musings and share with a select group of close friends and family.

Is LiveJournal safe for my kids?

LiveJournal is safe for mature users over the age of 13. Parents should know that LiveJournal is used by people of all ages, so younger children could be exposed to mature content.

The app is used for social networking and creative expression rule an users can “friend” other users and share content. To keep kids safe on this app, parents may want to consider turning their child's account to private.

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