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A social journaling platform app that allows users to connect with other members and edit their drafts from start to finish, LiveJournal is meant to provide individuals with an outlet to share their writing. It is available for free download from iTunes and Google Play and does not offer in-app purchases. It should only be used by adults aged 18+.

About LiveJournal – blogs, communities, stories
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What is LiveJournal – blogs, communities, stories?

LiveJournal is a social journaling and blogging platform that allows users to share and edit their writing, read works from other members, post photos, create polls, and more. It can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play but does not currently offer in-app purchases. Due to its interactive nature and the potential for mature themes, it should only be used by adults aged 18+.


Similar to the app Wattpad, LiveJournal users can instantly create, edit, and post their artwork and writing through the app. Users can join specific communities and groups for individuals to directly share their creations with like-minded people.


To discover new writing pieces from other members, users can browse through stories by searching for specific keywords or usernames. If you find a story that you like, you can then save it to your profile or post a public review or comment for the author to read.


If you find that you have a question for your readers, such as what you should write about next, you can create a poll and share it publicly or with a specific community. Users also have the option to share photos along with their stories.


The app has an average rating of approximately 3 stars due to the fact that many users have stated that they have difficulties logging in and oftentimes have to deal with annoying glitches.

Is LiveJournal – blogs, communities, stories safe for my kids?

Due to the fact that this app allows users to interact with strangers and contains mature themes, it is not safe for kids and should only be used by adults aged 18 or older. However, to download the app and create a profile, LiveJournal requires that users only be 13+.

Parents should know that while users can report content if they decide it is too inappropriate or graphic, there are generally very few restrictions in place to monitor what is being shared throughout the app. This means that posts may contain alcohol or drug references, crude humor, profanity, violence, or suggestive themes, many of which are not appropriate for children.

Additionally, because users are able to post comments and reviews on each other’s writing, as well as private message each other, there is the possibility of members coming into contact with online strangers or having inappropriate conversations with other individuals.

It is important to note that while the app does not track a user’s location, it does require other private information, such as access to individuals’ phone data, camera, and contacts. Users are also able to share photos of themselves through the app. If you are not comfortable with an app having so much access to your child’s personal data, it is best to prevent them from using LiveJournal altogether.

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