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Google Keep is Google’s productivity app offering, allowing users to keep and organize notes, lists, photos, and audio, with features developed to help daily life operate smoothly and efficiently. The app is available free from both the Google Play store and iTunes app store.

About Google Keep - Notes and Lists
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What is Google Keep - Notes and Lists?

The Google Keep app is a productivity app that aims to keep daily life organized. Users can add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep, and access the app from any device.


Notes can be organized with labels and different colors to keep different projects, ongoing lists, and daily tasks separate and easily accessible. Users can quickly filter these lists or notes to find them without hassle.


Google Keep also allows users to share and collaborate on notes, making any work projects or family matters open to the whole group, so all members can share ideas or add an item to the grocery list.


One particularly useful feature of Google Keep is location and time reminders. Users can set a location-based reminder for a grocery list and the app will pull it up as they walk through the sliding doors, or a time-based reminder so they do not miss an important appointment or meeting.


The app is great for personal organization and family life. Google Keep can be useful for group projects at work or school, but it does not have the powerful features for these settings that an app like Evernote does, which includes a more comprehensive word processing system.

The Google Keep app is free, available for download from the Google Play store and iTunes app store.


For an app developed by a powerhouse like Google, the reviews and ratings are underwhelming – it scores a 3.4 out of 5 in the iTunes review section. However, in reading the reviews, it seems that the one star reviews are often due to bugs after certain updates, not the app itself, as many five star reviews praise the app for functionality and organization features. 

Is Google Keep - Notes and Lists safe for my kids?

The Google Keep app is safe for kids. Younger children will most likely not find much use in the app, as parents still organize most of their life, but it could be a handy place to store their creative and imaginative ideas.

They might also find use in being part of a shared family grocery list or To-Do list for chores and household tasks, which help to keep home life smooth and responsibilities shared.

As kids grow older and gain independence, the Google Keep app introduces the benefit or organizing their responsibilities in school, extracurricular activities, and at home, while also giving the more creative types a space for personal thoughts and ideas.

Parents will be happy to know Google Keep does not feature in-app purchasesor connection to wider social networks. All shared notes and files are kept within the closed group with which they are shared, so no strangers will have access.

As stated earlier, Google Keep is similar to other productivity apps, such as Evernote, but does not include some of the more powerful features that make Evernote good for workplace and education environments. Google Keep provides a service that is great for personal, family, and friend group organization.

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