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About Fruit Ninja
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What is Fruit Ninja?

This Fruit Ninja app is a freemium replacement for the original Fruit Ninja, now referred to as Fruit Ninja Classic, with additional social features and in-app purchases.

There are three core game modes in the Fruit Ninja app: Classic mode, which replicates the game play of the original; Arcade mode, which pushes users to achieve the highest possible score; and Zen mode, which is an open play mode for practicing your Fruit Ninja skills, or just peacefully enjoying the act of slicing flying fruit to pieces.

This version of Fruit Ninja also offers skill-building mini-games and daily challenges, along with multiplayer options and public high score lists.

Serious players can also compete with other worldwide Fruit Ninja players in Event Mode, battling for unique blades and custom backgrounds. Players must earn a Golden Apple by playing mini-games in order to unlock competitive play in Event Mode.

Fruit Ninja was the first flagship product of Halfbrick Studios, an  Australian video game developer founded in 2001. Fruit Ninja has been downloaded over one billion times, securing a position for Halfbrick as one of the world's most popular mobile game developers. They are among Australia's fastest growing companies.

Is Fruit Ninja safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Fruit Ninja is safe for kids and does not feature any actual violence against players or player avatars. Only fruit is sliced in this game and it is appropriately rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

Fruit Ninja allows users to connect with the OpenFeint network. On the OpenFeint network, kids can chat and "friend" strangers, which parents may wish to review before allowing kids to connect to. 

While the game itself is generally upbeat and positive, there are some players with the network who may take the competition too seriously and use bad language or show poor sportsmanship to other players.

Communicate with your child regarding your expectations of their language and behavior in competitive settings, and how to handle abusive or hostile behavior from other players when it is encountered.

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