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Frozen Free Fall is a slide and match puzzle game where players journey through the Kingdom of Arendelle. This app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store and does include both advertisements and in-app purchases.  It is rated for users four years of age and older and is safe for kids.

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What is Frozen Free Fall?

In this free app, available on the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes app store, players complete differentpuzzles by matching colorful ice crystals together. This game is inspired by Disney’s Frozen, so players can unlock their favorite characters on their journey.


Frozen Free Fall plays much like Candy Crush and other games of that variety, but with its own twist. In this slide and match puzzle game, players journey through the fantastical Kingdom of Arendelle, completing the objective of the puzzle at each level to earn coins and prizes that they can use to decorate the plaza just how they want.

Every character has a special power-up that can help solve puzzles, like Elsa’s glacier power-up that makes all crystals of the same color disappear. The game is rated for users four years of age and older.


Frozen Free Fall is a free app, but it does feature in-app purchases and advertisements. There are varyingin-app purchases that cost $0.99 to $4.99, for things like more moves or unlimited lives to help players continue solving the puzzles.


The advertisements are for Disney and other related third parties. Users also have the option to connect a Facebook account to share their progress or ask friends for more hearts if they run out, allowing them to stay on the journey with their favorite characters.


Frozen Free Fall is developed by Disney, who has been widening their product array to include apps, giving their fans a more robust experience of their favorite movies, characters, and stories. Reviewers commonly enjoy playing Frozen Free Fall. They love the easy entertainment of a slide and match style game joined up with one of their favorite Disney movies.  

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Is Frozen Free Fall safe for my kids?

Frozen Free Fall is a great game for kids who like puzzles, Frozen, or both. It is safe for kids, but there are a few important things to note.

First, any app that includes in-app purchases and advertisements poses the possibility of unexpected purchases. Parents should make sure kids understand the rules they have set for in-app purchases, especially in a game like Frozen Free Fall, where running out of moves or lives before players are ready to quit may cause frustration and prompt the purchase unlimited lives or additional moves.

Parents should be encouraged that the ads are for Disney or related third parties, but must again make sure kids know to ask before buying anything they see in an advertisement.

Another area of concern is the connection to social media. It is not necessary to connect Frozen Free Fall to Facebook, and if one does, they are still only interacting with the people already on their friends list, so if a player already has Facebook, Frozen Free Fall is not adding anymore concern than would come with a Facebook account.

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