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About Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault
In-App Purchases

What is Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault?

Calculator+ is a vault app that hides private files behind a functioning calculator app on iOS devices. Users are able to take photos and videos directly within the app, without needing to import from galleries, but may also transfer files so that they are discreetly hidden and password protected. 

In order to access the vault, users need to input a passcode that protects their photos and images from being viewed by anyone who may have access to their phone.

Calculator+ can be found in the App Store, and is free to download and use, but does offer in-app purchases.

Because the Calculator+ app is a fully functioning calculator, it’s easy to hide the real function of the cloaking app. Calculator+ vault users simply tap in a numerical code and enter in the percentage symbol to unlock the app and access their hidden files. 

Calculator+ allows users to transfer photos and videos directly from their device’s gallery into the vault app, or take photos and videos directly within the app. Those photo and video files can then be arranged in albums, for later reference, and organized into customizable slideshows. 

The Calculator+ app allows users to use multi-touch features to swipe and zoom, within photos and albums, as well as the ability to copy and paste items within the app.

Is Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault safe for my kids?

Calculator+ is meant to covertly hide any images or photos the user doesn't want easily accessed in their phones. This is not safe for kids and parents should take note if their child has this vault app (or any others like it) downloaded onto their phones.

The Calculator+ developers have designed this app to look almost identical to the native iOS calculator app, so parents will need to take note of this app’s appearance including smaller numbers and symbols, back arrow, ‘C’ instead of ‘AC’ or hold their iOS calculator side-by-side to see the differences.

Parents should be aware that the Calculator+ app is a vault app with a clever facade. Posing as a fully functioning calculator app, Calculator+ is cleverly disguised to hide and hold private files. 

And while the app may be useful for adults wishing to keep files away from prying eyes, and perhaps even a great place for kids to keep password lists and copies of driver’s licenses and/ or social security cards, we don't recommend it for children to use.

While the app is rated for users four years and older in the App Store, the Calculator+ app is not necessarily an app parents wish to find on their child’s device. 

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Calculator+ - Hide photos & videos, protect albums in private folder vault Parent Rating

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  • Terry M.

    Big no for my family. My 14 year old shouldn't have anything on his phone that he would need to hide in an app like this