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Afterlight is a free photo editing app, that allows users to quickly and easily edit their mobile photography. This app is free to use, is rated for users of all ages and is safe for kids. Afterlight does offer in-app purchases for wallpaper and filter packs for a cost of $0.99 each.

About Afterlight
In-App Purchases

What is Afterlight?

What makes Afterlight stand apart from other editing apps is the ability to create presets for photos, so that users can easily pull a photo into the Afterlight app and apply the same filters and effects each time.

Afterlight offers in-app purchases, typically additional wallpaper and filter packs, at the modest cost of $.99 each. A quick and easy editing tool, Afterlight allows users to take photos directly in the app, or sort through their camera roll for images to edit.

When users first open the Afterlight app, and grant access to their camera roll, they’ll see thumbnails of 12 of their most recent photos highlighted on the screen. Users may choose to use one of their recent photos, take a photo directly in the Afterlight app (this requires granting access to the device’s camera), or they may access their saved photo albums (if a user’s mobile device is set up for cloud sharing, those albums saved to the cloud will populate here). Once the desired photo is selected, users are taken to an editing screen.

Users can choose to make their photo editing process as simple or as involved as they’d like in the Afterlight app, as they’re offered a bevy of editing options. Brightness, saturation, highlights, contrast and exposure are just a few of the elements Afterlight users can play around with when editing their photos.

Frame options can be straightforward, or users can play around with featuring their photo in a variety of different shapes and letters, mimicking some of the advanced functions of photo editing tools, such as Photoshop. In essence, the Afterlight app provides enough editing options to make an amateur photographer’s photos look professional.

Afterlight’s settings menu contains some standard offerings, such as setting a default background color for photo editing, and turning on an auto save option, which saves edited photos to device’s camera roll automatically. Users may also set Afterlight to automatically boost photos with low light, as well as setting the app to automatically function in camera mode when started.

The number of options Afterlight makes available for free is impressive, and the small cost of purchasing packs with additional options is minimal, making this a great photo editing tool for budding mobile photographers.

Is Afterlight safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Afterlight is a photo editing app that allows users to use adjustment tools, as well as to apply filters, textures, and frames to their mobile photos. It is rated for users of all ages and is safe for kids to use.

Parents should be aware that users must allow the Afterlight app access to their device’s photos, in order to begin the editing process.

Parents will be happy to know that Afterlight is a more artistic photo editing tool; the app doesn’t offer a blemish tool, nor does it provide options to modify a person’s appearance in photos, such as body size and shape, or facial feature adjustments.

What parents will appreciate is the settings option for Afterlight users to choose whether they wish to save EXIF and location data within the photo file. By not saving the EXIF file information, location data for when and where the photo was taken will not be saved with the image file. This is an especially handy option to have for minors, especially if they’re posting their photos onto social sites.

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