Who We Are

Here at Zift, we are your screen time parenting ally. We believe that parenting is the most important job in the world, and want to provide you with essential screen time parenting tools, insights and resources to families in a technology-driven world.  

The Zift app provides the best protection, the right visibility and the screen time controls that parents need to help raise their kids in the digital world. 

With Zift, parents can see their child’s current location, manage settings for content filtering, view and block apps installed on their child’s device, see online searches and screen time usage, create a curfew for apps and Internet, and even pause the Internet. 

Our Parent Portal provides parents, grandparents and others entrusted with the care of children a place to learn about and discuss the latest topics related to screen time use, online safety and social media. 

The Parent Portal also offers helpful descriptions and reviews of top and trending apps, as well as resources such as parenting guides, how-to videos and infographics.

Zift has acquired Net Nanny®, the popular parental control software brand. 

Zift was founded by three dads, each of whom have four children. 

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