"Do as I say, not as I do" just doesn't cut it anymore. Avoid these 6 no-nos if you're a parent using social media.

In case anyone missed the memo, the days of “do as I say not as I do” are officially behind us. Technology and social media (perhaps more than anything else) have leveled the playing field—and in some cases even slanted it more in the kids favor.

Now parents must walk the talk and make every effort to practice what you preach—especially on social media. 


Because it’s likely your kids are on there too (whether you know it or not) and they’ve probably already found you (they didn’t follow though, trust me). And if not them, then their friends or someone else that they know who will be sure to pass along the things they see on your social media accounts. 

The 6 Commandments of Parents Using Social Media

Here are 6 social media commandments to help keep you from becoming the hypocrite you’ve (hopefully) never wanted to be.


1. Thou shalt sense the eyes that you can’t see. 

They could belong to your kids, their friend’s, their friend’s parents, adults from their school or someone else who’s not only developing an impression of you, but an idea of what life with you is like for your child. 

That said: you are always being watched. And no, under no circumstances should you live your life for others, it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of (a) the fact that others are watching and (b) how your life affects your loved ones.

2. Thou shalt remain authentic and true to oneself. 

So no, don’t do it for the ‘gram. How you present yourself and document your life matters—especially to your children. If you don’t feel your life is glamorous enough for social media, then focus your energy on creating a life that you want to live and would take pride in presenting—heck, document the grind to creating that if you’d like but at all times: remain authentic

Can you imagine coming across your kid’s Instagram or Snapchat and wondering, “who the heck is this kid?”

3. Thou shalt think twice before you write. 

Everything doesn’t deserve a comment or response—especially when you’re on someone else’s page expressing a negative opinion or emotion. Especially when you’re posting mean-spirited or hateful messages about others. Especially when you’re emotionally unstable. Especially when we all know that any time you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you. 

Don’t be a hypocrite… or an adult cyberbully.

4. Thou shalt believe that a post can become a ghost. 

Meaning you may delete it, but it still has the power to haunt you. And if someone is determined enough: it will. The worst part is that it may not just haunt you, it could also do the same to your children. Mindful posting is key in the world of social media.

5. Thou shalt save the drama for yo’ mama. 

And in this case you are the mama… or papa. Therefore, keep the drama of your life and others to yourself. Facebook isn’t your therapist or your diary. Furthermore, if anything in your life is that deep or serious, it may be worth actually seeking some support or help. Self-care is the best care!

6. Thou shalt not sneak post OR share embarrassing content. 

Unless you and your family have already agreed on what everyone can post about each other (or that you all even can) with no permission needed, don’t do this. No one genuinely enjoys being embarrassed, violated or caught off guard. Don’t be that parent.


While these commandments are awesome (we know), they’re just a start. Consider asking your kids what other commandments they think should be added to the list… and applied to your social media practices. 

About Syreeta Martin

Sincerely Syreeta is the mother of two daughters who remind her to Empathize, Empower, and EVOLVE every day. She is a freelance journalist, talk show host, life coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur based out of Philadelphia, PA.

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