If you asked the average millennial why they’re on Tinder, you might get an unexpected answer.

Consider this – 10 million people use Tinder every day and 79% of those users are millennials. With online dating losing its stigma at a rapid pace, it’s not surprising that the majority of 20 and 30-year-olds are meeting their romantic matches virtually.

What’s even more surprising is the reason they’re using Tinder to begin with.  

Millennials Want a Confidence Boost

According to a survey by LendEdu of over 9,000 college students, the biggest reason millennials are using Tinder is for positive attention.

As a millennial female myself, I can understand the allure for a little affirmation, even though seeking it out to this extent may sound self-centered or seem like a waste of time. After all, aren’t there better ways to spend our time than to solicit compliments online?

Possibly, yes.

But we are in a virtually dominant world and with more connections happening online than ever before, is there really any harm in wanting to increase our confidence?

In fact, low self-confidence is linked to social anxiety, communication issues and can negatively impact personal relations and career growth. Studies have proven that low self-confidence can lead to an increase of depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health issues.  

Twenty-somethings are Bored

Procrastination was the number two reason why millennials are using Tinder so much these days. Reports state that 44% of Tinder users utilize the app primarily for procrastination from other tasks in their lives.

One user announced on Twitter that, “I've reached the point where I feel the need to procrastinate on my essay and am re-downloading Tinder.” Another stated, “You know you you've had a bad day when browsing Tinder is how you plan to procrastinate.”

These suggest that not only are they bored, but also that their time spent on Tinder is primarily not to find a soulmate. Studies show that typically, only 4% of users are looking for a relationship and 22% are seeking a casual relationship, like a hookup. 

Not all dating apps are created equal, though. While Tinder still seems to be the reigning favorite for dating, with 84% of millennials using it, other apps are used as well, though they're not nearly as popular:

A study conducted by Abodo confirms similar findings, with 34% of millennials using Tinder for entertainment purposes and almost 16% swiping right purely for a quick ego boost. And though Tinder gets a bad rap for promoting casual flings and being notorious for some slimy users requesting nude photos from potential mates, this study confirmed that less than 9% use this app to collect mature photos and exactly 9% use it primarily for hook-ups.

What is clear from all studies involved, though, is that long-term relationships and users searching for love are not best suited for Tinder. Only 9% of Tinder users are actively searching for “The One”, while millennials using other dating apps like Match and OkCupid report much higher percentages at 30% and 22% respectively.

So, for those of you seeking a quick confidence boost, try Tinder – but if you’re looking for love, your chances are best elsewhere.  

Watch the video below to learn more about Tinder and visit our App Advisor for more information on popular dating apps.

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