Whether you need a push in the right direction or a step-by-step game plan for starting a new blog, we’ve got you covered.

Is starting a blog one of your goals for this year? Whether you need a push in the right direction or a step-by-step game plan, we’ve got you covered. 

And hey, if you decide to get cracking on a new blog, share the link with us in our Facebook Group – we’d love to take a read & share with other parents!


1. Figure out what you want to write about.

This should always be your #1 step when writing a blog. What are you passionate about? What’s unique about your perspective? What do you want to share with other moms?

2. Determine your goals.

Is this just for fun? Do you want to use your blog as a way to escape, de-stress and get your thoughts out? Do you want this to be for personal or professional gain? Answering these questions will help shape your game plan.

3. Pick a platform.

Take some time and explore your options. There are lots of website hosting platforms out there, but what you’re looking for will depend on your goals. 

If you’re planning on a personal blog as a creative outlet, check out the free blog hosting sites like Wordpress (free version), Blogger or Medium

If professionalism is your plan & you’d like to eventually make a profit from your writing, you may need some additional capabilities and plugins. Try one of these: Wordpress (paid version), Ghost or Squarespace.

4. Name your blog.

In my opinion, this is the hardest step. You want something witty and memorable, but not trite. Your blog name should represent the content of what your blog should be in 1-3 quick words – tough, right? I suggest grabbing a sheet of paper and throwing out some adjectives that describe your writing, personality and blog topic. 

5. Create an action plan.

Time for a good ol’ list. Here’s where your game plan starts taking shape. Ask (then answer) a few questions to figure out what you need to start. A good rule of thumb is to check out what blogs you read & admire are doing – is there something you see them doing that you want to emulate? Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

  • How often will you blog?
  • Will you support with your own images or stock photos?
  • Is there any equipment you need?
  • What type of format will you follow (pictorial, interview, free form)?

6. Plan your editorial content.

Either create a calendar in Excel or grab a planner. Start brainstorming ideas and plot out themes on a monthly basis. Think about what you have to offer your potential readers and don’t be afraid to put your own twist on things! 

Note:  Don’t feel pressured to outline 6 months’ worth of content - start small and pick a few topics to begin with.

7. Write, write and write some more.

Time to get motivated and start putting your thoughts on your brand new blog site. Don’t overthink it, just relax and start typing. Once you get over the “new blog jitters”, your natural voice will start to shine through.

8. Share your blog on social media.

If you want to attract some readers to your newly penned piece, take to social media. Share your words with friends, family, and co-workers through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

If you’re not ready for people you know personally to read your words, try joining some Facebook groups (like ours!) or others that share your common interests. Many times, you can share a link to your blog, depending on the admin’s rules. It can be a good way to get supportive feedback from real people without feeling too exposed.

Good luck Mommies! We’d love to hear all about your blogging efforts – check out our Facebook Page and Facebook Group and keep us posted on your writing journey.

About Jennifer Leonard

Jennifer Leonard is the Social Media Manager for Zift. She is passionate about connecting with people – in person and via social media. She spends her days writing, tweeting, pinning and using as many hashtags she possibly can. #Goals 

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