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About Barbie You Can Be Anything
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What is Barbie You Can Be Anything?

Barbie: You Can Be Anything is a game app that lets players try out two professions: Veterinarian and Pastry Chef. 

Future animal doctors and bakers try their hand at either diagnosing various pet maladies or creating sweet culinary masterpieces in the Barbie: You Can Be Anything app. Barbie: You Can Be Anything is free to download, and features in-app purchases ranging in price from $3.99 to $9.99.

Players can pets' brush fur and make them look nice. The extent of veterinary efforts includes tapping through a checklist of x-ray and temperature, before giving a diagnosis to the pet.

As pastry chefs, players make their cakes from scratch, using tapping and swiping motions to gather ingredients, add them to a bowl, measure, mix, stir and bake. Once cakes are finished baking, users are able to decorate both full size cakes and cupcakes, playing around with icing colors and adding toppings, such as sprinkles and shaved chocolate, and decorations.

Is Barbie You Can Be Anything safe for my kids?

Barbie: You Can Be Anything is safe for kids, but includes many in-app purchases.

Players using the app for free will find the more interesting ingredients and decorations locked without an in-app purchase. The lack of free options many be frustrating to kids. 

The games does not accurately depict the professions of veterinarians and pastry chefs.

What Barbie: You Can Be Anything allows young, preschool children be somewhat creative in making choices regarding pet care dress-up and cake decorating.

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